State Senator Mike Shower I put Alaska and Alaskans first.

Hi, I’m Mike.

I’m State Senator Mike Shower. I was appointed in February 2018, then elected November 2018 to serve you in Senate District E.  With re-districting we are now district O. I’m a retired Air Force pilot (F-15C Eagle / F-22 Raptor) and fly for FedEx when not serving as a “citizen legislator”. My wife Michelle and I have three kids and three grandchildren. We’ve been honored to call Alaska our home since 1993.


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    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2022
    w/ Rep. McCabe & Senator Shower
    20333 W. Parks Hwy

Family Man

Hunting and Fishing

Why would you vote for me?

I put Alaska and Alaskans first.

I believe the constitution is our definitive guiding principle.

I know our future success as a state depends on having a strong economy. I want our most valuable resource – our children, to inherit an Alaska that’s vibrant, strong and free. 

A place they want to stay and raise a family. Alongside equally committed legislators, I have presented various plans to do so. Many priorities from 2018 remain identical in 2022.  It’s why I feel a duty to return - the work isn’t done. 



Budget / PFD And A Comprehensive Fiscal Plan

Since in office I have pushed for a comprehensive fiscal policy and was a part of a bi-partisan working group in 2021 who found a way to put politics aside and provide a sustainable fiscal plan - as yet unacted upon. I believe we must protect the Permanent Fund and PFD in the constitution so we’re done fighting over it every year.  Our solution? Simple – lock the PFD in the constitution by saying there “Shall be a PFD paid each year in accordance with the statute, any changes to the statute must be approved by the people”.  I support a statutory PFD - it’s the law – I could support a 50/50 PFD “if” it was protected in the constitution. The theme is simple - follow the law.  I believe we must change the current constitutional spending cap with one that’s effective & relevant – the current one is not.  This would constitutionally prevent over spending moving forward providing a stable tax, business and investment environment in Alaska.


I introduced the amendment on the senate floor providing a statutory PFD (reduced by finance co-chair manipulation). I worked with other legislators to add roughly a billion dollars of critical capital infrastructure statewide including funding for the port of Anchorage, a strategically important deep-water port in Nome and critical infrastructure in the MatSu borough.  I also proposed hundreds of millions of operating spending reductions.  We’ve had high oil prices, unexpected growth of the permanent fund and economic destruction from covid policies on people and businesses since 2020. Yet I knew we could provide a fully funded operating budget, a significantly increased capital infrastructure budget, and the largest PFD in history without a penny of deficit spending - so we did.  And we still put money into our savings accounts!  If we have money and need to spend it we should – if we don’t we shouldn’t - simple concept.  2020 & 2021 were tough years due to covid, but 2022 provided an opportunity to play catch up on many important items.  It’s unfortunate we didn’t fund a full statutory PFD considering the price of fuel, food and living expenses.